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Working in admissions, public relations, corporate training, educational promotional design, and website design for most of my career, I decided to combine my skills to help families navigate the college admissions process. My mission is to help families find schools that are a perfect fit for their students and the family budget. I specifically look for schools that give a generous amount of merit aid, out-of-state waivers, and other opportunities for students to lower their financial burden for college. I also provide many other services so be sure to visit my "Services Page".


I have experience working with gifted students, performance artists, visual artists, college-bound athletes, premeds, schooled in a variety of settings, online, brick and mortar, and even home-schooled students. I am the creator and presenter of the K12 online College and Career Workshops. I have presented to families and online schools all across the country. Unlike our parents, today's parents are able to pick from an array of many great educational choices to accommodate different learning styles, just as there are colleges and universities that are a great fit for every type of student. I believe every student has a talent and amazing academic potential and it's my job to help find and bring that out in each of my students.


I would be honored to work with you and your student by helping you take the journey together to get to that "Fat Envelope"!


Best regards,


Pamela Gray Willcox



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