The SAT: What You Need to Know

Your scores on the SAT help colleges judge how well you demonstrate critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills compared to other students. While important, it's just one factor in your admissions chances. Learn how the SAT works and how your score might influence your college admission chances Significant SAT Changes Coming March 2016 Major focus on interpreting information and supporting your conclusions Vocabulary words more practical Essay optional (some schools may require it) Calculator not allowed for part of math test No penalty for wrong answers Maximum score is 1600 (without the essay) Online SAT available What's Tested on the SAT The SAT tests the knowledge you've

Here’s How To See What College Admissions Officers Wrote About You

A group of Stanford students have found a way to crack open the secretive world of elite college admissions. A group of Stanford students have discovered a way to access their own confidential admissions files — including comments by admissions officers, criticisms of their applications, and information about how their status as minorities, athletes, or legacies affected their applications. The staff of an anonymous Stanford publication called The Fountain Hopper is encouraging thousands of students at Stanford and other universities nationwide to request their own files, potentially cracking open the secretive and controversial world of elite colleges admissions. College admissions is a top

10 tips every college student should know

Are you headed to college soon? Or are you already in college and still apprehensive about how things are going to turn out? The reality is that the transition from high school to college can be a bit difficult. It’s important that you know your goals beforehand and make plans to achieve those. There are many things you need to consider and be careful about. Nevertheless, college life should be fun and will ultimately help you shape your career. Here are 10 tips every college student should know. 1. Budget! budget! budget! Be financially literate. Know your constraints beforehand with respect to money. If required, start keeping a record of all your savings and expenditures. Stop spending on

How Colleges Award Financial Aid

The arrival of a financial aid award letter can be a big deal—almost as big a deal as a college decision letter. Here's how colleges put together those anxiously awaited aid packages.When it comes to choosing a college, "affordable" is an important quality to just about everyone. The amounts and types of aid colleges award can greatly impact your ultimate college cost—and your ultimate college choice. First, Colleges Figure Your Family's Contribution When colleges figure your financial aid, the first number they consider is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC is what colleges expect you and your parents to pay for college. All colleges use an EFC calculated by the government ba

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