My Multi-faceted approach to student Branding!


GPA 4.0 & above      SAT 2250 - 2397    ACT 30-36    H.S. Rank Top 10%


When top tier schools are getting stats like these out of 80% of their applicants and in addition to that, they may be Valedictorians, Salutatorians (many high schools have more than one), leaders in multiple clubs, varsity athletes, musicians, artists, thespians, choir all state, 8-10 AP courses taken with 5's, completed IB programs or they attended an exclusive prep school/boarding school. Many have thousands of hours of community service, worked in research labs, won national science fairs, created their own start-ups, mobile apps, and charities. Most parents and students live in their own high school "bubble" and don't realize that this is the norm for competitive elite college bound students.


A college education is one of the largest investments you'll make!

Although higher education is supposed to be non-profit, they function more like for profit businesses so you need to approach them that way.

These days a college education is a huge investment and for some parents it may be more than the investment made in the first family home. This is why I believe parents should be fully involved in helping their children make such a huge investment in their future. This investment is rather like launching a new product or business, in that, you need to know your target market, understand your competition and figure out a way to make yourself stand out in the marketplace. You need to be realistic while still being optimistic and understand what value you can bring to this marketplace of "higher education".


It's called "Branding" and I have spent the last 25 years doing just that for many major companies. This multi-faceted student branding approach, along with test scores and the other things I've talked about, are what I can do to make your student the most appealing to the school they aspire to. I love working with students as early as 8th grade, but I have started as late as senior year. The earlier the better so that I have time to help your student build their resume. I love working with all types of students and I have the most experience with gifted students.


I spent seven years at the University of Tampa in the Communications and Admissions offices working with Admission officers and creating similar college collateral to those that you will soon be getting. I am also a parent of a student attending an elite university with ouside merit scholarships and I have been through the process myself so I can share my experiences from a multi-layered and very honest perspective. My goal is to help parents find, not only the best match for their student, but many different and unique ways to pay for school. I work one-on- one with parents and students, do my research and leave no stone unturned.


Take the next step, look at the services I offer, call for a phone consultation and let's get started!


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To add insult to injury these schools get on average 30,000 - 40,000 applications a year for 1,700 - 2,100 spots in the freshmen class with an application fee of $75 per student. Admit rates between 5%a nd 10%. You do the math! Let's face it: Any way you look at it, it's a crapshoot. To make things even harder, the students that didn't get into these schools go to the next tier of schools to get accepted and so on. The process has never been more competitive and it gets more so every year. Most alumni from these top tier schools that graduated 10 - 15 years ago or more will tell you they probably couldn't get in now! So let's make it even



more complicated by adding in Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, Legacy Students and Scholarship Athletes! Are we having fun yet? All of these vehicles that seem like they may be helping you actually help all of these schools determine how many solid students they will have for their incoming class and it helps them protect their yield rate. (More about this later).



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