"We were referred to Pamela by another parent and I can't even express how much we appreciated all of her knowledge and help in navigating the college admissions process. She dispelled so many rumors and myths about the process. She found some amazing unknown scholarships and schools that gave my daughter a ton of money. As a parent, I felt totally supported and it was nice to know that she was in my corner. I was actually able to sleep at night during my daughter's senior year! She helped us with a student website, got our ACT scores up to where we needed them and helped us all through one of the most stressful times for a family with very wise advice. As my daughter said, " Miss Pam was fun to work with super positive and encouraging she was like a college coach!" All the Ebooks and handouts received, and all we learned from her and The Fat Envelope, we'll be able to use for our son who will be doing this next. Her help to us is priceless."

Sarah B.


What can I say except Pam does an amazing job and gives it her all! If you and your child are willing to do the work, she is willing to go above and beyond! I feel like she really gets to know her students to find out their strengths and she does an amazing job of shining light on those strengths to show them off!

Pam has gone above and beyond what I expected! I feel like she really wants our daughter to not only attend college, but to really help her succeed! She really knows how to pair her with the right school and to find scholarships that she will have a good chance at getting. She doesn't waste time having us apply to sweepstakes type scholarships! Trust me, I wish I had Pam helping me "the first go around" with my older daughter. Pam has made the whole process easy with a “blueprint” for getting our girl into college! I feel prepared as a mom that we have done the best for our daughter. With my first daughter, I was in the dark with the FASFA, college applications and scholarships. I'm sure I missed opportunities because I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT!

Pam, you have LITERALLY changed the course of our daughter's life! I Know she will go to the school BEST suited to her because of all your diligence in helping her"

Jennifer L.


"I was totally unprepared for the college admissions process and it was November of my son's senior year and he had done nothing but take an ACT test. We just didn't think we could afford college so we had kind of given up. Pam got right on it and started working with us. She doesn't let you slack and makes sure you are staying on top of deadlines. My son got into 5 different schools with the financial aid we didn't even know we could get, plus a great need-based scholarship. Without her, it would have been a full-time job and I already have one of those! We both couldn't be more grateful!"

Virginia S.


"My daughter was looking into performing arts universities and there was so much we didn't know about the process. Pam helped us through with great ideas, a website that showcased her talents and a school choice list that was amazing, challenging and practical! My daughter is in her sophomore year of college and excelling! Thank you, Pam!"

Alyson F.


"If you are a middle-class family this is the lady to talk to. She saved us a ton of money and got us on track with schools and programs we would have never known about without her. We learned so many things that you are never told as a parent about the application process. She helped our son find a school he could get into even though his GPA wasn't so great, helped us get his ACT/SAT scores high enough to make a difference and find schools where he would be successful."

Samuel T.

South Carolina

"I have a gifted student and Pam got us to start the process early and it is already paying off even in 8th grade. We are excited to see where this goes by senior year of high school and we feel like we are ahead of the game, which is a great place to be!"

Mary W.