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Contact Pamela to purchase the series of workshops for your school! 303-956-1202 or email

College Admissions Workshops

These are one-of-a-kind workshops!

I have yet to see anyone doing workshops that are as thorough as these and with the amount of information that the 80-page guidebooks contain. A lot of the information I share is not widely known to the public. All of my workshops are designed with powerpoints for in-person or online presentations with guidebooks and handouts for downloading for each session. These are really the heart and soul of the workshops and what will help parents the most. The workshops are 90 minutes in length with 30 minute Q & A sessions (or can easily go longer if the school chooses that option). The series is called "The Road to the Fat Envelope" which contains 10 workshops. These workshops are for parents of middle school students and high school students (I prefer to get them before junior year and as early as 7th or 8th grade). School Counselors find them very helpful as well because I keep the information updated to include the most current info for financial aid, scholarships, free online resources and admissions information.

College Planning Workshop Modules

Perfect for Parents, Counselors & Students

Module #1 – Planning Your Journey
Introduction - Laying The Foundation for College 101

Module #2 – Road Map For The Trip
Detailed Directions: A 5 year to do list for college planning. Divided up into segments starting with 8th - 12th grade.

Module #3 – Financing Your Adventure
Financial Aid, FAFSA, CCS Profile, Application Fees, Institutional Aid & Merit Scholarships, Finding Outside Scholarships & Keeping Them

Module #4 – Preparation To Enhance Your Endeavor
ACT/SAT, AP Tests, Essays and Free Resources for Boning Up

Module #5 – Choosing Your Destination
How to Build Your College List & Visit the right schools

Module #6 – Paving The Road To Acceptance
Student Branding, Personal Websites, Standout Factors or Hooks, Summer Activities, Leadership, Community Service Projects at home/abroad, and Interviews

Module #7 – Navigating The Detours & Road Blocks
Gap Year, College Readiness, 4 year College Alternatives, Low GPA’s & Test scores, Low & Middle Income Issues

Module #8 – Destination Choices: Dream to Safety School
Accepted: Handling Multiple Offers, Rejections, Appeals, Wait Listed, Final College Decisions & Visits

Module #9 – Arriving at Your Destination
Adjusting to College Life, Homesick Remedies, Cars on Campus, Dorms or Off Campus Living, and Much More

Module #10 – Saying Good Bye - Now What?
Life With & Without Your New Co-ed,  “Confessions of an Empty Nester”, What to Expect When They Come Home.

Special Modules not included in the Series:
Module #11 – GT Students & Highly Selective Universities
Module #12 – Module for Home/Online Schooled Students
Module #13 – Module for Special Needs Students

Module #1 – Planning Your Journey
Introduction - Laying The Foundation for College 101

Module #2– Road Map For The Trip
Detailed Directions: A 5 Year To Do List For College Planning

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