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These are just a few little known facts I can share with your family!

  • The university with the oldest theatre program in the country?

  • The very urban private college that takes students in the lower half of their class and has a program for finishing college in 3 years?

  • What universities are 100% needs met schools?

  • Which of the 100% needs met schools actually give merit scholarships as well?

  • What the income cut off is at most 100% needs met schools to get everything paid for?

  • How do you apply outside scholarship money to go directly to school loans and not directly to reduce your institutional aid?

  • Things that can make a student stand out other than school clubs, GPA, and test scores?

  • Which schools have a combined Phd/MD program that takes only 6 years?

  • The university that just added Cyber Security to their list of majors?

  • What scholarship allows a student to see a country for free with a winning essay or video?

  • Students can win a travel scholarship for a 15 day all expense paid trip to a chosen global destination and participate in a commercial by creating a video for a casting call.

  • There are some amazing summer programs that you can attend that will give you insight into your possible major and look great on your resume for colleges.

  • There are colleges and universities that are going test exempt.

  • Which is one of the most highly demanded and marketable areas of study in the world?

  • What scholarship is specific to the highly gifted student?

  • There are tons of outside scholarships and for undergrads in college

  • There is a specific service just for gifted students that allows them to take the actual ACT/SAT in 6th grade.


Your Road to The Fat Envelope is about to begin!

Welcome to Fat Envelope College Admissions Consulting!

You have just found a very unique and innovative consultant. Pamela Gray Willcox, owner, and consultant approaches the college admissions process as a multi-faceted solution and a rare opportunity to use her 25 years of advertising/branding experience in conjunction with her 8 years in the world of university communications and admissions.


Pamela has also spent the last 10 years delving deeply into the frenzied and over-stressed lives of college-bound seniors. "So many students just start far too late for the process to provide the results they are hoping for in a school choice". The process is so much different now than it was when most parents attended college that it becomes a very stressful and daunting prospect. Every parent wants to see their child in the perfect match college or university. This is truly the mission of

The Fat Envelope.

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